Aggregate Recycling

Did you know the construction industry produces over 120 million tonnes of waste very year and over 25 million tonnes of this is sent to landfill without any form of recovery or re-use. This accounts for nearly a third of all UK Waste arisings!

With extensive knowledge of Recycling and Waste Management A.B. Waste Management Ltd provide an environmentally sustainable, cost-effective solution to the construction industry.

Waste Management Ltd support the government policy of promoting recycled aggregates as a cost effective alternative to Quarried aggregates thus reducing the onus on landfill. Our mobile crushing and screening equipment at our facility in Cemetery Road, Darlaston has the capability to supply a wide variety of quality materials for use in road construction, ground improvements and every day commercial construction use.

In recent years we have invested heavily in our crushing and screening process to ensure we provide the best recycled aggregate to the industry. This material is selected from our Waste transfer station, demolition sites and other construction projects and turned into a recycled product.



Consists of concrete, bricks and stone from the construction, demolition and building industry. We collect the raw material in our tippers and skips, and our customers can bring it in with their own transport. This is the raw material that generates our recycled products.kamagra farmacia

Ideal to be used for rough tracks, farm roads, landfill site haul roads etc
Size subject to nature of raw material on stock.
70mm – dust, 3 ” down, 6F2


Aggregate_Recycling_clip_image001_0000Consists of crushed hardcore (brick and concrete) screened and graded to a maximum 70mm size and blended with recycled fines to aid compaction. Material is suitable for making up ground, piling mats, unadopted road sub base, and can be used a lot in wet weather on construction sites to keep the ground firm.
A good all round material can be used for virtually any job.
40mm to dust, MOT type 1, 6F1




Our type 1 graded recycled product consists of crushed brick and concrete screened and graded to a 40mm to dust. Suitable for use as a sub base for roads, car parks, paths and shed/housing/garage bases. This contains fines so when compacted it binds together.
75 – 40mm single size, 70mm clean aggregate




Aggregate_Recycling_clip_image001_0002Made up from Crushed concrete and brick. Screened and graded to a maximum 70mm size and a minimum 40mm sieve.
No fines content in the produce therefore ideally suited to be used on wet ground or for drainage layers





Aggregate_Recycling_clip_image001_0004A by product from the production of crushed concrete and brick. But will also contain other recycled materials such as sand and soil.
6N/6F1 refers to the class in the specification for highway works. This material is used as a capping layer, for eg. if it was contaminated land.
Can be use as a cost saving gravel ballast to make concrete.
14mm to 5mm single size also known as pipe bedding



Aggregate_Recycling_clip_image001_0005Made from crushed concrete and brick, this is an alternative to 10mm or 20 mm pipe bedding gravel.
Can be used for filling around pipes and the gravel ballast in production of ready mixed concrete.
5mm to 0mm also known as sharp sand




Aggregate_Recycling_clip_image001_0006A cost saving alternative to quarried sharp sand or reject sand. Ideal for bedding to Paving, Cable/Pipe Laying or as Blinding Sand.
Screened Top Soil




Aggregate_Recycling_clip_image001_0007We screen the as dug topsoil over a 10mm mesh to remove large lumps, roots and pebbles. The end result is a fine screened topsoil suitable for turfing and planting, and is easily handled.
Can be delivered in Bulk loads (loose) or is available for collection.